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Friday, January 27, 2006


In this picture I can see a class. The sun is shining. It’s two minutes to ten. It is October.
There is a teacher. She wears a purple jacket and a white t-shirt. She wears glasses, too. She is sitting and writing on a paper and the students are reading, but a boy is writing on the blackboard. He is wearing blue jeans and a blue sweater. And a girl is playing with a video game console. She is wearing a pink skirt with a green sweater. The children are studying with the door closed. In the classroom there is a map of Europe and a picture of an old man’s face. There is a big and green plant next to de door and under the calendar.

Noa, 13 years. 130 words.

This is Peter’s class. In his class we can see a teacher and children. The weather is sunny but it isn’t foggy or thundery. Peter is in front of the blackboard. He is wearing a yellow shirt, a blue sweater, blue jeans and brown shoes. Above the board there is a photograph. He is the headmaster of the school. The teacher is called Susan. She is sitting and she is correcting the exams of English. She is wearing a purple jacket and a white t-shirt. The class is in silence. The students are working hard.

Alice is looking at the clock. It is ten o’clock, at half past ten the bell rings. Alice has a brown hair and brown eyes. She’s wearing a green sweater and she is doing her homework of maths. Far from Alice, there is a plant. On the plant there is a calendar. Next to the calendar there is a green door with a glass on it. It is closed.

Laura, 13 years. 164 words.

This is Lola’s classroom. She is the teacher. She is sitting on a chair and she is writing on a paper. Next to her, there are a glass and a bottle of water. Behind Lola, there is a map of Europe. On the wall, above the map, there is a blue clock. Lola asks to the students “What time is it?” and a student answers “It’s ten o’clock.” Next to the clock there is a headmaster photo. In front of the photo there is a boy. He’s wearing a blue sweater, yellow shirt, blue trousers and brown trainers. He isn’t wearing glasses or earrings. The boy is cleaning the blackboard. Far from the teacher there is a closed door and a big plant. On the wall there is a calendar with mountains. It is October. Near the calendar there is a window.

Lola says “Emma, what’s the weather like, today.” Emma says “today, it is sunny and a clear sky day, but it isn’t rainy and mist.” The students are listening to Lola and Emma.

Eric, 13 anys. 175 words.


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