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Friday, February 23, 2007


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18 February 2007.

Dear Pen Friend.

Hello, I’m Xavi, I’m 13 years old and I’m your new pen friend. I’m a student of I.E.S. Sabadell in Sabadell. My hobbies are football and formula one. I’m good at football and maths. I’m bad at music. I’m interested in science.

I’m going to explain my typical day. I wake up at 7:50 a.m.: I have breakfast. I go to school at 8:30 a.m. and I have lunch at 13:30. I go to school again at 15:30 and at 18:30 I only train on Tuesdays and on Thursdays. I do my homework and I have dinner at 13:00. I go to bed at 00:00. That’s my typical day.

My mother is 43 years old. Her name is Antonia. My father is 45 years old. His name is Pedro. My sister is 18 years old. Her name is Marta. My grandfathers and grandmother are 73, 70 and 78 years old. Their names are Jose, Juana and Ramon. My other grandmother is dead.

I’ve got a pet. It’s a dog. Its name is Flufly. It can run and swim but it can’t fly. It’s very beautiful. It’s a Yorkshire.

Today in Can Rull, it’s cold and light rain shower but it isn’t sunny and foggy. It’s cool and windy. Yesterday, it was cold and cloudy.

At school, we learn maths, Catalan, Spanish, English, science, geography, history,

physical education… My favourite subject is physical education. My teachers are Joan, Ester, Montse, Josep, Carol, Josep Mª., Xavi F…

I would like to go to the beach and to go to the swimming pool on these holidays. I don’t want to do my homework on these holidays like the last holidays.

My house is normal. There’s a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and three bedrooms. My bedroom is normal: there’s a bed, a computer, a wardrobe, a window and two shelves. It’s beautiful for me.

Best wishes

From Xavi.


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