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Sunday, March 19, 2006


It's a mammal. It lives in the oceans. It's an aquatic animal. It eats small fish. It's very big. Its colour is blue. It has got two small eyes and an enormous tail. It hasn't got flips. It can swim very fast. It can't fly but it can jump in the water. It isn't a fish. What is it?

Xavi, 12 years.

It's a mammal. It isn't a reptile. It lives in mountains and caves. It eats fish, meat and fruit. It is very big. It is brown. It has got small eyes and a short tail. It has got a bit nose and a sharp teeth. It can't fly but it can run very fast. It is a good walker. It can swim but not very well. It is a good fisher. What is it?

Sandra, 12 years


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