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Thursday, March 16, 2006



Bertie is a young man. He lives in Spain but he is English. He comes to Spain looking for Rosa. She was in London last summer and Bertie met her and he felt in love. Bertie is a teacher of English. Bertie always dreams. He is a great dreamer. In one of his dreams, he says to his mum "I am going to marry Rosa". Bertie's mother comes to Spain because she is bosy and she wants to prepare her son's wedding. But Bertie doesn't know where Rosa lives.

Jose is Bertie's "portero". He helps Bertie dressing himself up as Rosa but Bertie's mum isn't stupid. In that moment, Bertie finds to real Rosa. She is a waitress in a flamenco pub. She wants to be a professional flamenco dancer and singer. Bertie asks her " Do you want to marry me?" but Rosa says "no". Jose meets Mrs. Britt and he falls in love with her. Mrs. Britt meets Jose and she falls in love with him. They want to marry. They say to Bertie "we are going to marry". Rosa is very happy but Bertie doesn't like the idea. At the end, Bertie accepts the wedding.

Joan, 13 years


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