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Friday, February 23, 2007


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19 February 2007.

Dear Penpal.

Hello, my name is Nuria. I’m thirteen years old. I’m from Catalonia. I am a student but I don’t like studying. My favourite class is Art.

I like sports. My favourite sports are water polo and swimming but I don’t like golf and boxing. I often go to the swimming pool with my friends.

I don’t like making beds in my house but I help to my mother. My mother always says, “You should make beds”. My favourite household job is cooking.

My typical day is: I normally wake up at half past seven. I have milk but I haven’t biscuits for breakfast. Next I go to my school on foot. My school starts at half past eight every day but it finishes at noon at one or two o’clock depending on the day. Later I have lunch at home. Some afternoons I go back to school at half past three and the lessons finish at half past five.

My father’s name is Pedro and he is 49 years old. My mother is 46 years old. I have got a brother and a dog.

I sometimes watch TV but I’m always surfing in internet with my computer. I love my computer and my mobile. I like listening to music.

I’m wearing glasses from the nine of October, 2006. It is my birthday.

My favourite films are Harry Potter and …, The pirates of the Caribbean but I don’t like The Lord of the Rings and …

My favourite countries are Mexico, USA, Canada and Luxemburg but Italy, Great Britain, and France are not my favourite countries. Last holidays I went to Disney world Paris Resort.

I would like to be a biologist I like very much or I would like to be a vet but I wouldn’t like to be a nurse or a hairdresser.

Well, this is my world. Tell me about your world.

Best wishes,



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