SCHOOL writing corner

Friday, December 30, 2005


Crossways is a quiet town. Crossways is a sleepy town. The people wear black hats. The women wear round black hats. The men wear tall black hats. The girls wear square black hats and the boys wear flat black hats. In the afternoon the people are sleeping and suddenly they listen to a loud noise. A small boy walks beating his drum. He walks in front of a donkey. The donkey pulls a cart. A man is sitting on the cart. Above his head there is a notice. It says haircut in all styles and colours, one dollar”. The people shout and cheer. They throw their hats into the air. The small boy picks up all the hats and he puts them into a large bag. A young man climbs up the cart and the barber cuts his hair. Now the hair of the women is blue. The men’s hair is green. The girls’ hair is red and the boys’ hair is yellow. But next day everybody is bald! They are very angry. They want back their hats. They need and miss their black hats. Then, a young boy appears in the town. He blows a trumpet and a donkey pulls a cart full of hats. A man is sitting on the cart. He sells hats for only two dollars. The hats are all shapes and sizes. The people buy their own hats and they are happy again.

Segon d' E.S.O.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


All around us is plenty of moments. A moment is a short time in our life. There are thousands of different moments in our life. It is impossible to remember all our moments. But if we just write an adjective before a moment. We can name a specific moment of our life.


Mike and Sulley are good friends. They are roommates.

Sulley is an impressive built blue monster with purple spots. He is the first scarer at Monsters Inc. He is a nice monster.
Mike is a green ball monster with only one eye. He is Sulley's best friend. Mike isn't red. Mike is tremendously proud and he isn't a receptionist. Mike loves Celia.
Celia is the receptionist at Monsters Inc. She is sweet, and beautiful with snakes for hair and she loves Mike.
Boo is a little human girl. She is adorable. She isn't a monster. She is a vivacious little girl. Boo isn't tall with snakes for hair.
Randall is a lizard-shaped monster with eight arms and eight legs and sharp teeth. He is the second best scarer at Monsters Inc.
Waternoose is a large crab monster and he is the Grandfather of the company. He is a multiple eyes monster.
Roz is a controller monster. She controls the workers with scarer reports. She isn’t a large crab. She is old with a big mouth.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Cafe Colombo is always busy. The people drink coffee, read a newspaper and talk. In cafe Colombo everybody are well-dressed but Charlie isn't. He has a work. He is a shoeshine and he sits on the pavement. he doesn't go to school. A man shouts to Charlie, his shoes are dirty. Charlie shines his shoes . The man gives to Charlie a coin of ten cents. Charlie sits on the pavement again. He sees a man with a large notice along the street. The man sells lottery tickets. A well-dressed man buys a ticket, he takes a taxi but his ticket blows in the air. Charlie picks up the ticket and he waves his arms and shouts but the man doesn't hear. Charlie goes home and he shows the ticket to his mother. Charlie goes to sleep and he has a dream. He dreams that a goat eats the ticket. He wakes up and the ticket isn't in his box. Carlie goes to the lottery office,his mother is there. A man tells the numbers.

a.- They are Charlie's numbers. Now Charlie and his family are happy and rich.
b.- Finally, the lucky number is number 5, but Carlie has number 6. They are poor but they are happy.

Segon d' E.S.O.


The storyline:

Destination Moon is the first part of one of the few multi-book stories in the Tintin series, the other album is 'Explorers on the Moon' Destination Moon is an often humorous look into moon rocket technology.

Destination Moon (1953) gives a detailed account on the preparation and the launching of the expedition to the Moon for which Professor Calculus has chosen Syladavian soil.

Professor Cuthbert Calculus builds a rocket ship which will fly to the moon. Tintin and Captain Haddock travel to where the Professor is making his rocket.

Segon d'E.S.O.


Good evening. This is the weather forecast for tomorrow in Great Britain.

In the north of Scotland it will be sunny. In the south of Scotland it will be partly cloudy.

In the north of England it will be a thundery day. In the east it will be foggy and in the south east it will be a black day, but in the south west of England it will be a snowy day.

Finally, in the north west of Wales it will be a heavy rain shower day and in the south east it will be a light mist day.

Well, this is the weather forecast for tomorrow. I wish you a happy day and good evening.

Segon d' E.S.O.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Lisa and Alice work in "Black and Sons" Company. Lisa works in the Accounts Department and Alice works in the Marketing Department. They want to go on holidays to Greece. They need the passport. They go to the Post Office to get it. They must fill in a form and have some photos. Alice has got her photos but Lisa hasn't got them. Lisa goes to the old bus station. There is a photo booth in there. Lisa goes into the photo booth. She puts her money in the machine and she waits for the photos. The photos come out in the slot but they aren't hers. It is a murder. She is afraid. She and Alice go to the police station. They show the pictures to the detective. The police want to catch the murderer. They have a plan. Lisa comes back to the old bus station. The police are there, too. Lisa goes to the photo booth and she sees a young handsome man with a snake ring on one hand and a bird tattoo on the other hand. He is the murderer. The police catch him. Lisa is safe. Lisa and Alice go on holiday and they have a fun time.

Segon d' E.S.O.